PBS stations will be airing a re-edited version of “Someone Else’s War” in October. For a list of stations and air times, please see the table below.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of the film, please contact Cinema Guild.

Boise KAID 10/4 10.30pm
Boston WNEH 10/2 11.30pm
Corpus Christi KEDT 10/14 9.30pm
Denver KBDI 10/1 6.00pm
Idaho Hills KISU 10/4 10.30pm
Lansing WKAR 10/6 8.30pm
Nashville WNPT 10/4 9.30pm
San Francisco KQED 10/8 11.30am
San Francisco KCSM 10/5 10.00pm
Spokane KCDT 10/4 10.30pm
Spokane KUID 10/4 10.30pm
Toledo WGTE 10/7 11.30pm
Twin Falls KIPT 10/4 10.30pm

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